Last modified: January 3, 2022

This SC Acceptable Use Policy ("AUP") applies to the use of any product, service or website provided by us (SC), whether we provide it directly or use another party to provide it to you (each, a "SC Service"). This AUP is designed to ensure compliance with the laws and regulations that apply to the SC Service. This AUP also protects the interests of all of our clients and their customers, as well as our goodwill and reputation. These terms are so important that we cannot provide the SC Service unless you agree to them. By using the SC Service, you are agreeing to these terms.

If you are using the SC Service, this AUP applies to you. Every client of ours agrees to abide by this AUP and is responsible for any violations. You are not allowed to assist or engage others in a way that would violate this AUP. We will enforce and ensure compliance with this AUP by using methods we consider to be appropriate, such as complaint and email failure monitoring. We may also suspend or terminate your use of SC Services pursuant to our Customer Terms of Service for violations of this AUP.

We periodically update these terms and we will let you know when we do through in-app notifications, or by posting a revised copy on our website. You agree to review the AUP on a regular basis and always remain in compliance.

You are responsible for the content of your communications which you contribute or send via the Service, and they must:

In addition, and without limiting the other requirements in this AUP, you may not (directly or indirectly) use the SC Service with content, or in a manner that:

Organizations or individuals who promote, encourage, or facilitate hate speech, violence, discrimination, either through their own content or through distribution of user generated content, are prohibited from using the SC Service, regardless of whether the SC Service is used specifically for the prohibited activities. Violation of these standards may result in termination of your use of the SC Service.

You are responsible for moderating user generated content or user activity on your platform or service. User generated content that violates these standards may result in termination of your use of the SC Service.

You will use the SC Service for your business purposes and will not: (i) willfully tamper with the security of the Sc Service or tamper with our customer accounts; (ii) access data on the SC Service not intended for you; (iii) log into a server or account on the SC Service that you are not authorized to access; (iv) attempt to probe, scan or test the vulnerability of any SC Service or to breach the security or authentication measures without proper authorization; (v) willfully render any part of the SC Service unusable; (vi) lease, distribute, license, sell or otherwise commercially exploit the SC Service or make the SC Service available to a third party other than as contemplated in your subscription to the SC Service; (vii) use the SC Service for timesharing or service bureau purposes or otherwise for the benefit of a third party; or (viii) provide to third parties any evaluation version of the SC Service without our prior written consent.

Unless you have our express prior written permission, you may not use any name, logo, tagline or other mark of ours or the Sc Service, or any identifier or tag generated by the SC Service, including without limitation: (a) as a hypertext link to any website or other location (except as provided for or enabled expressly by us); or (b) to imply identification with us as an employee, contractor, agent or other similar representative capacity. You also agree not to remove or alter any of these items as we may have provided or enabled.

We may immediately suspend your access to the SC Service if you breach this AUP or don’t respond to us in a reasonable period after we’ve contacted you about a potential breach of this AUP. We may also suspend your access as we explain in our Customer Terms of Service and, if you breach this AUP, we may terminate your subscription agreement for cause. You acknowledge we may disclose information regarding your use of any SC Service to satisfy any law, regulation, government request, court order, subpoena or other legal process. If we make this type of required disclosure we will notify you, unless we are required to keep the disclosure confidential.

We are not obligated to, but may choose to, remove any prohibited materials and deny access to any person who violates this AUP. We further reserve all other rights.

We may update and change any part or all of this AUP. If we update or change this AUP, the updated AUP will be posted here. If you have an SC subscription, we will let you know through the in-app Notifications. We encourage you to review this AUP periodically.

SC may, but unless required by law, has no obligation to monitor the use by you and other end users of the SC Service. During monitoring, any information relating to any user or their respective activities on the SC Service may be examined, recorded, copied, and used to enforce these Terms of Use. Furthermore, SC reserves the right at all times to disclose any information posted on any portion of the SC Service or traceable through the SC Service as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation or governmental request or to enforce any applicable laws or proprietary rights or right of publication of SC, or to refuse to post, or to remove, any information or materials, in whole or in part, that in SC’s sole and absolute discretion are objectionable or in violation of these Terms of Use.